The “Fondo fotografico Carletti”, is a private collection currently consisting of over 30,000 pieces, including photographic prints, negatives on film, glass plates of various sizes, stereoscopic photographs on cardboard and glass.

The intent with which Alessandro Carletti created the collection in 1960, and that drives him in increase it, is to collect images that can tell the social, economic, political, urban transformations that took place in Italy and in Europe in the twentieth century. The collection has a special interest for the records of daily life (remarkable, in this context, the photos with which the tenor Francesco Tamagno portrayed life and travels of his family, and the large number of glass plates depicting the Roman family Courier in the period between 1905 and 1938).

There are many photographs depicting events of historical interest, like the ceremony of settlement on the papal throne of Pope Pius XI, or the inauguration of the monument to King Victor Emmanuel II, that took place in Rome on June 4, 1911.

The Carletti collection includes about 6,000 glass plates and photographs are taken by Jesuit missionaries in the early decades of the 1900s in Canada, Alaska, Brazil, Iraq, Syria, India, China, Tibet, Japan, Congo, Rhodesia, Madagascar.

Among the stereoscopic plates collected by Carletti, 256 portray moments of life in the trenches and troop movements on the various fronts of the First World War. There is no shortage of plates and photographic prints that portray other wars, such as those made by Scipio Slataper during the war of Libya in 1911

Numerically less relevant, but noteworthy are the photographic prints taken on board of legendary ocean liner such as the Rex, the Vulcania, the Augustus, that reproduce the charm of transoceanic travel in the thirties or the photographs showing all the stages of a Zeppelin airship journey, from the exit of a hangar to landing.

The collection is managed by the photographic studio Autuori & Carletti and by Dario Tucci, who organize the digitization and coordinate the work of external consultants, which they use for the storage and conservation work. 


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